I having been following Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for education since 2010. I really jumped on board when the Microsoft Hololens Developer Kits became available. Virtual Reality had really taken off for gaming by this point.  My team worked on developing learning applications for the HoloLens and the Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets.

As we pressed forward, I was set to bring in the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive into the picture and two other game engines. I was able to gain the interest of the deans and several faculty members. This also led to the installment of two prosumer level 360 camera kits.


About 9 years ago, I was testing and developing virtual worlds for targeted online courses. This led me to attend the Game Developers Conference in 2010 where I was introduced to Augmented Reality. I moved forward, working with game developers and 3D Artists, to test different game engines. We then implemented Unity3D. Our focus was to output to browsers using WebGL.

3D Modeling

After 6 years of learning how to do a little bit of everything in computer art, I landed a job as a Sr. 3D Artist at a local university. I then formed a small team of 3D Artists, brought professional Video Production to the university and later ran a team of Interactivity Developers.

Computer Art

I began my career working as a generalist in computer art.  I designed Store Displays,  taught 3D Modeling and Animation, and worked in Retail Advertising. During this time, I was also a freelance artist doing sign animation, web design, and brochures.

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